How To Use

Although we are sure most of you are well practised in handling and using bales of bedding, if you are unsure, here is how we recommend you use our bales:


  1. Setting up your stable


We estimate that for an empty stable you begin with between 4 and 6 bales to create optimum depth and coverage. If your stable has rubber mats you may want to use less, and if it doesn’t, perhaps you might want to add some more. If you are adding to an existing bed, we suggest that you use 1 or 2 bales to create the ‘banks’ of the bed, meaning the older existing shavings can be used up by the excrement from your horses and you can gradually bring in fresh, clean bedding from your banks before needing to add another bale.


  1. Let’s Fluff


Using your every day mucking out utensils, or anything such as a shavings fork or similar, puncture the bale and chip away at it to loosen it ready to spread. Our products are pressure-packed to give you the maximum amount of bedding per bale but you will be able to gradually break them up with your fork. Once broken down, fluff up wherever you feel necessary – we think it is best to put the new bedding in the banks but perhaps sprinkle a little across the whole bed just to keep it looking and smelling fresh.


  1. Bed Time


Aesthetically create your horses bed to your own preference. As previously stated, if you have rubber mats you may want to keep bedding to a small square or section of your stable to maximise lifespan. However, some prefer bedding to cover the entire stable. We always recommend leaving a space at the doorway to minimise mess and waste outside of the box. Sleep tight!

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