Shire Equine Platinum Eucalyptus

All of the excellence of our second-to-none shavings-based products plus an added extra splash of bliss in the form of eucalyptus fragrance. The essential oils included in this eucalyptus scent have many benefits – the most prominent being support of the respiratory system.


Ammonia and dust can cause damage to your animal when they are exposed to these things, but the decongestant properties of eucalyptus work to eliminate the negative effects – research has shown that it can decrease mucus and expand the bronchi of the lungs. This, combined with the anti-inflammatory and decongestant characteristics help to defeat potentially harmful consequences that can be inflicted on your animal’s respiratory systems.


The fragrance within these scented bales have been developed and tested within controlled conditions, inside of a professional fragrance house over a period of 12 months. Due to this rigorous testing you can rest assured that only the best quality perfume is used, which has been tailored for use within animal bedding and for handling by humans.

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17 – 19KG

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