Shire Equine Platinum Bale

The most high-quality product in our range – our platinum bale is made from kiln dried, soft wood small flake shavings. The timber used to create our products is kiln-dried at source for maximum absorbency unlike most who kiln dry after production, which is less effective. This product is dust free thanks to our top of the range technology within our modern baling machine that ensures maximum dust extraction. Dust extracting our products to the highest standard makes them more economical, getting the maximum amount of quality product with nominal waste.


The quality of the timber used to create this product also helps to control the moisture content of the shavings, allowing for supreme absorbency eliminating the risk of excess ammonia damaging the respiratory system or eating away at the natural barrier of the hoof. These shavings have natural antibacterial properties making your animals beds fresh and hygienic.


Our products support horses’ hooves and cushions their limbs and joints so they can rest and recover in comfort.


Choosing Shire Equine Platinum for your horses and animals means happy pets – happy owners!

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17 – 19KG

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