Mother’s Day Gifts for your Horsey Mums

Mother’s Day Gifts for your Horsey Mums


Every female loves a wardrobe addition, it’s in our nature! For the horse Mum, a functional set of clothes is essential. Why not add a base layer to her collection? Base layers sit tight against the skin to wick away moisture and work on temperature control. LeMieux have a wonderful range of colourful base layer available at a good price. A gilet is always a winner, if you pick the right one it can be a much needed winter-warmer addition beneath a coat, but in the Spring and on the chillier Summer days a gilet is the extra layer needed over a t-shirt or long sleeve top to stay smart and protected – plus, anything with pockets is always a bonus. There are also high street brands such as Joules that sell a wide range of smarter and more day-to-day clothing that can be worn for events such a show days, lunch out, and much much more!


Why not treat Mum to a multifunctional accessory or build a hamper with a few, such as socks, gloves and hats! These can be used at the yard or in everyday life, plus they are always handy when you spend time outdoors so you know they will always be useful.


Plenty of equestrian-based brands sell products such as re-useable shopper bags, plus you can find personalized mugs, special candles and pretty nightwear all of which make a wonderful addition to the home and will be sure to put a smile on Mums face!


Mum spent years getting you from A to B day in day out, so why not treat her feet with some fancy footwear. Whether it’s wellies to keep her toes dry, new riding boots to keep her looking smart or some cute pumps or trainer for casual wear – make sure you keep Mum happy by taking care of her hard-working feet this Mother’s Day.

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