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    Hello Everyone,

    This is a notice to reassure you during the current pandemic, that our brilliant team of employee’s are all currently fit and well and able to carry out all duties as normal.

    We would like to offer our best wishes and support to those experiencing issues relating to the COVID-19 virus. Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers and so we are taking proactive steps as well as following government advice to minimise the risks whilst still remaining fully operational. Despite the growing concerns about COVID19, we will continue as normal during this challenging time until instructed otherwise.

    We are very happy to discuss with you the measures that we are taking if there are any queries, and we welcome enquiries surrounding any concerns you may have. We will strive to keep you updated as efficiently as possible if any changes do occur.

    We look forward to brighter days and hope that all of our customers remain well during this time. Thank you for your ongoing support.

    Best wishes, Chelsea at Shire Equine

    Shire Equine

    Home of Premium Equestrian Bedding

    At Shire, we are a family run business with over 35 years of experience in creating and manufacturing quality products. As an equestrian and animal orientated family ourselves, we appreciate the need for superior products and exceptional service, at an affordable price.

    We purchase our timber from faraway forests in the northern hemisphere. The best quality softwood trees are sustainably harvested and specifically selected by us to ensure the very best quality. Fresh timber has a range of antibacterial properties which is why we always use the best softwood across our wide range of products.

    We’re a family-run business that’s been serving customers for over three decades from our site, nestled in rural Cambridgeshire. We use modern, innovative processes and our new state-of-the art baling machine allows us to dust extract, fragrance and bale to the highest possible quality with all-natural benefits.

    Dust extracting our products to the highest standard makes them more economical, getting the maximum amount of quality product with nominal waste. Our shavings are kiln-dried at source for maximum absorbency unlike most who kiln dry after production, which is less effective.

    Choosing Shire Equine bedding means horses and animals are comfortable, happy and healthy – and their owners are too! Our products support horses’ hooves and cushions their limbs and joints so they can rest and recover in comfort. They are highly absorbent, hygienic and biodegradable, great for horses and all varieties of livestock and pets.

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    74 Years of Proud British Manufacturing

    Featured Products

    Platinum Pure Softwood Shavings

    Shire Equine Platinum Bale

    The most high-quality product – our platinum bale is made from kiln dried, soft wood small flake shavings. The timber used to create our products is kiln-dried at source for maximum absorbency.

    Premium Livestock Bedding

    Livestock Bale

    Our Livestock bale is 100% pure, high grade sawdust which has a consistency of very fine, soft particles. Just like all of our other products, this goes through our top of the range dust extraction system making it as high quality as possible.

    Supreme Softwood Shavings

    Shire Equine Supreme Bale

    Our Shire Equine supreme bale encompasses all of the benefits of our platinum bale and contains around 75% of the platinum product. However, within this is a mix of approximately 25% fine, ground up wood particles.

    Standard Softwood Shavings

    Shire Equine Standard Bale

    Our Shire Equine Standard bale is a happy half and half mix of pure dust free small flake shavings, and sawdust. This cost effective but beneficial bale includes all of the superiority of our Platinum bale and contains around 50% of this premium product plus approximately 50% of our soft, fine, wood particulates.

    Premium Lavender Scented Softwood Shavings

    Shire Equine Platinum Lavender

    All of the excellence of our second-to-none shavings-based products plus an added extra sprinkle of happiness in the form of lavender fragrance. The essential oils included in a lavender scent have many benefits – the first and most familiar is its calming qualities.

    Premium Eucalyptus Scented Softwood Shavings

    Shire Equine Platinum Eucalyptus

    All of the excellence of our second-to-none shavings-based products plus an added extra splash of bliss in the form of eucalyptus fragrance. The essential oils included in this eucalyptus scent have many benefits – the most prominent being support of the respiratory system.

    Shire Equine

    Key Benefits of Our Products

    Shire Equine - Premium Equestrian Bedding
    • Our products are extremely dust extracted – we are using top of the range technology within our modern baling machine that ensures maximum dust extraction. Our premium bales are 100% dust free and our mixed bales contain only a small amount of quality sawdust. Minimal dust means happier, healthier humans and animals plus it helps to maintain a healthy respiratory system
    • They can be treated with essential oils – Eucalyptus and Lavender. These 2 things put horses off eating the bedding, provide fresh fragrance and add natural health benefits and hygiene.
    • The quality of our shavings provides second-to-none support for hooves, limbs and joints – this also improves the quality of your animals rest.
    • All products in our range are biodegradable and the softwood timber that we use is made from fresh wood which has natural antibacterial properties
    • The high quality manages moisture – when kiln dried pre-manufacture, timber becomes much more absorbent when planed in to wood shavings and sawdust. Excess moisture and ammonia can damage respiratory system and cause damage to the hoof by eating away at the wall and its natural barriers.
    • We have competitive prices and various delivery options, allowing peace of mind that you are using the best possible bedding for horses, agricultural livestock and small pets
    • We consistently quality control and our set up is a closed production and dust extraction system direct to our baler – products are sealed on the line to minimize contamination and all is done on our family run site.
    • We are a family owned company with proven reputation for producing quality products
    • Our bales come in a manageable bale size which conforms to health and safety standards